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About the People
We grew out of the Unitarian Universalist Infidels, founded in Virginia in 2001. Read a bit about their history here. In October of 2005, a group from the UUI Board and one fellow from Kansas became determined to broaden their focus by forming a new group of infidels, without leaving the others behind. Thus was born

We are a group of individuals who believe in the miracles of nature rather than the mysticism of the Bible. We believe in the importance of humanity in the here and now rather than in a misty afterlife that cannot be proven to exist. We believe in science, the scientific method, and in the human wonders of art, literature, and music. We believe in treating other humans well because it is the right thing to do, not because we have been promised a supernatural heavenly reward, or because we wish to avoid a hellish supernatural punishment.

Because we value human beings above all else, we have very strong feelings about how people should be treated. Read about our doctrine of Mutual Respect here. Because we are much more than people who happen not to believe in gods, we value highly those things in which we do believe. Read about our Secular Positivism here.

We also have strong beliefs about certain issues of our time. We believe, for example, that our governments and our religions should be widely separated. We believe that pseudo-scientific foolishness like Creationism and Intelligent design should not be allowed to take valuable time from real science, especially at a time when science holds the keys to the future of humankind. We believe that the mysticism of organized religion, worldwide, is further polarizing groups of human beings while lying to our children about the universe in which we live, and paralyzing scientific progress.

We believe equally strongly that religious people are good people, although misguided by a competing and divided clergy that seeks to control the thoughts and actions of religious adherents to keep as much power, influence, and money as possible in the hands of that same clergy. We have no quarrel with any churchgoer. Our differences are with the organized clergy that seeks to control them.

We will endeavor to promote the causes of Humanism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Freethought, Pantheism, and Naturalism by spreading our positive messages across the wondrous and fragile planet that we share. All that we desire is that reason triumph over superstition, making our shared world a safer, less stressful, and less controlled environment for us and for our children.

This Web site is an intentionally god-free zone. We are proud of that. The evidence clearly shows that the Universe is also god-free, and we hope that every human being alive now and in the future will have the philosophical clarity of mind to realize that single important truth.

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