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They seem to make cars for all sorts of demographics, but they haven’t thought of naming brands and models for either believers or unbelievers. In this day of highly targeted marketing, it is only a matter of time before the major auto manufacturers of the world begin to target both groups.

Of course, Infidels would certainly know enough to avoid the Acura Avenging Angel, if there were one, or the Chrysler Catholic. But we might line up outside the dealership first thing in the morning for the Saab Secular or the Honda Humanist. Here’s a list of cars for both groups, in case Detroit, Tokyo, and Stuttgart are ready to start today.

Acura Avenging Angel
Aston Martin Atheist
Audi Agnostic
Bentley Buddha
BMW Bright
Buick Baptist
Cadillac Crusader
Chevrolet Christian
Chrysler Catholic
Dodge DavidStar
Ferrari Freethinker
Ford Falun Gong
Harley Hindu
Honda Humanist
Hummer Heathen
Hyundai Holy Roller

Infiniti Infidel
Isuzu Islamist
Jaguar Jericho
Jeep Jihad
Lincoln Lutheran
Mercury Methodist
Mazda Mormon
Nissan Naturalist
Pontiac Pantheist
Porsche Pagan
Saab Secular
Subaru Sufi
Volkswagon Voodoo
Volvo Vaishna
Yugo Unitarian

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