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The Web site of the North Texas Church of Freethought, one of two Freethought churches in Texas.
The Web site of the Houston Church of Freethought, the other Freethought church in Texas.
An interview with Dan Barker, prominent Freethought writer, by our own Marilyn Westfall
An article and photograph, describing the dedication of the Freethinker Cenograph in Comfort, TX. Open Link
An article which describes the migration and martyrdom of the Freethinkers of Comfort, Texas Open Link
A link to the works of Robert Green Ingersoll (1833 - 1899), a founder of the freethinker community.

An Interview with Dr. Tim Gorski, Pastor,
North Texas Church of Freethought
By Marilyn Westfall

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The Center for Inquiry - On Campus is dedicated to promoting and defending reason, science and freedom of inquiry in education.
The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRFF) has been working since 1978 to promote freethought and defend the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church.
The Secular Student Alliance (SSA) is an educational nonprofit whose purpose is to educate high school and college students around the country about the value of scientific reason and the intellectual basis of secularism in its atheistic and humanistic manifestations.
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