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TheInfidels Doctine of Mutual Respect

Many world cultures and societies seem to have abandoned the attempt to understand and respect minority and diversity issues, both of which truly determine the strength of a democracy. In place of that simple and effective measure, these cultures have substituted negativity, polarization, and animosity.

The members of this site promote positive mutual respect among our own registered membership and the world at large. We will not, for example, permit one person to attempt to humiliate another person, whether the attempt is made in our forum, our blogs, or in other writings on our site. There is no room here for humiliation. Nor is there room here for persecution, flame-wars, individual attacks, baiting, harassment, or other negative behavior.

What we want, and what we encourage, is the meaningful interchange of ideas and the fostering of virtual, on-line friendships and understanding. This means that no one bashes anyone here. All of us are people first. We expect members to evaluate each person by her behavior, not by the tags, including those of "theist" or "non-theist," that are hung upon her.

Perhaps if we treat each other with respect while we are interacting with each other on this site, it will begin to rub off on the world at large, making that realm a better place for us all to live.

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