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For much of history, definitions of atheism and other similar philosophies have been framed in the negative. Besides being an incorrect technique of definition, this methodology tended to place the -ism being defined in the negative as well.

The contributors to and supporters of this site recognize that atheists too often paint their beliefs in negative terms. We do not wish to wield that negative brush. In our view, atheists are not merely people who do not believe in gods, but rather are people who embrace more secular, but still positive, philosophies. Some seek truth from science, and from the rationalism and method that support it. Humanists use ideas from the sciences, the arts, history, literature and other creative endeavors to pursue ethically sound, reasonable, and compassionate lives. There are many positive secularists that identify with atheism, including Pantheists, Humanists, Freethinkers, Brights, and Naturalists. We regard each of these as positive stances, which therefore are to be commended.

The common recourse to negativism is the antithesis to this site and to this organization. In defining themselves as what they are not, in our opinion, secular organizations place themselves in a position from which they cannot hope to gain equal ground with theists. Very simply, we are who we are rather than who we are not. It is necessary at times to use the negative in order to illustrate a specific point. Such instances are certainly not being outlawed by the positivist slant of our organization. Rather, it is our intent to make use of the positive wherever it is possible. Further, we believe that the positive way is possible in the vast majority of instances.

We are not simply people without gods. Rather, we are people with a positive belief in science, in nature, and in one another.

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