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A Brief History of the Unitarian Universalist Infidels

by Timothy Travis, UUI Founder


The UUI, Unitarian Universalist Infidels, is an organization whose purpose is to provide a forum where non religious UUs, that is, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, free thinkers, and/or secular humanists can express, explore, and develop their philosophies without fear of offending the faithful. The secondary purpose of the UUI is to represent those views within the Unitarian Universalist Association and to the world.

The first UUI group was formed, nearly three years ago, in Fredericksburg, Virginia by members of the Fredericksburg UU Fellowship. Letters to other churches and fellowships and a mention in UU WORLD took us national with our listserve subscribers. One major activity we engaged in this past year was attending The Godless Americans March on Washington which was hosted by the American Atheists, including a couple who flew in from Texas.

We are concerned by the shift of UUism, in the last couple of decades, to the aping of religion. In a recent issue of UU WORLD, for example, UUA president, William Sinkford speaks of wanting to rewrite the Purposes and Principles to include religious language. That the P Ps do not include religious language he says, "is a wonderment to me". He wants to include "religious language which would allow us to enter into critical dialogue with the religious community". Also in the same UU WORLD, Forrest Church is critical of Ralph Waldo Emerson for not being sufficiently warm and fuzzy in his writing, private, and social life.

I invite you to subscribe to our listserve and tell us more about yourselves and what is on your minds. If you have any interest in forming a local UU Infidels group, I would be happy to send info on how we started and what has worked for us.

Tim Travis
UUI founder

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