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UU Infidels Newsletter
Spring 2004
Subscriber Comments

"One of my big questions is why we continue to attend and pay. I find services less and less interesting. As a matter of fact, I now say that I show up only the 11 AM service, which is the coffee hour." -R H., Bridgewater, NJ

"What a great idea! Your publication will take a revered place next to my American Atheist Newsletter." -A. P., Ridgewood, NJ

“I am feeling much less comfortable in recent years with the encroaching 'spiritual' atmosphere." -R D., Madison, WI

“When my wife and I joined UU some 42 years ago, it was a far different proposition from today's denomination. The gradual Christianization of the movement has become ever more evident." -D.L., N. Bethesda, MD

“I consider myself an agnostic. Thank you for starting this. I have long felt we are under represented at all levels of our association." -S.S., Bethlehem, PA

“My UU fellowship is becoming more and more Christian and Christian Imitative. I’ve also been put off by recent writings of Sinkford and Schulz.”--S.B., Clinton, NJ

“Where have you been all my life? Sign us up” -S.H., Stratham, NH

"Thank you for acknowledging we exist!" --L.F., Havertown, PA

"Glad to see there are thinking UUs left. . . . Believing or not believing in religion does not preclude being able to make ethical judgments.” --L.K., Portland, OR .

"Great Idea! Sign me up." --J.T., Port-Townsend, WA