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A Vacation Tour Featuring

The Freethinkers of France

A little detective-work starting with our own site yielded enough information to put together a vacation featuring The Freethinkers of France. Using our Search page to search our site, we were able to quickly come up with the following list of French Infidels and the French places associated with them.
Albert Camus
Paris, Villeblevin
François Jean Dominique Arago
Estagel, Perpignan, Paris
Thomas Paine
Pas de Calais
Paris, Cirey, Ferney
Vendée, Paris, Montmartre, Versailles
Gertrude Stein
Paris, Bilignin, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Jean-Paul Sartre
Paris, Nancy, Treves
Dennis Diderot
Langres, Paris
Henri-Louis Bergson
Paris, Anjou, Clermont-Ferrand
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne
Périgord, Bordeaux, Toulouse
This list came from scanning just 14 of the 175 pages returned by a site search on "France or French." If you can't have a good time in the places shown in that list, you may as well stay home.
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