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There are vacations for just about every kind of group. Why shouldn’t there be vacations for Infidels. We must hastily add that we don’t sell such vacations here. But we thought perhaps we could help out with a few ideas. Maybe some of you could contact us with more ideas, which we would be happy to include in this space.

Featured Countries

There may not be a lot of excellent atheist vacations in the United States. We seem to be getting a bit too close to being a theocracy for that. We will certainly need to avoid the Bible Belt, at least until after the 2006 elections, unless you wish to travel as an Infidel commando. Click here for ideas, though.

Much of Scandinavia and, of course, The Netherlands are still very enjoyable for the Secularist traveler. It is not that there is no religion in these countries. It is, rather, that they have the good common sense to keep it to themselves and only rarely attempt to convert travelers on street corners. This is also true in much of modern Europe, including Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. If you must go to Italy, you may wish to avoid Rome so that you don't run into that pesky Pope fellow.

Countries that are in war zones might not be such a good idea, either, especially of they involve religious wars. That would leave out Iraq, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Mississippi, Nigeria, Sudan, and a lot of otherwise nice places. Time travel in Europe before the 18th century might be a bad idea as well.

Theme Vacations

It does seem that it would be possible to take theme vacations as an infidel. I don't mean vacations to theme parks (Disney World is an entirely separate Infidel subject) but rather vacations formed around a non-believer theme. One example, perhaps, would be The Freethinkers of France Tour. A little research (using Search at the top of every page) within this site would yield a rather large list of Infidels in France or almost anywhere else. Surely a lot of those people were raised near the current sites of wonderful hotels, attractions and restaurants, convenient to airports and train stations. Make up your own theme vacation and tell us about it!

It may be, of course, that not much care has been taken to preserve the childhood home of everyone who was burned at the stake in France over the years. They were, by definition, unpopular with at least some people. Still, the historical record exists. Again, some research on this site and elsewhere might give a start in searching out a vacation formed around The Dead Heretics of Lyon.

Or perhaps one could take a tour of Famous Evolution Trial Sites of the Modern Era! There have certainly been enough trials in which evolution has been placed on the docket by creationists or intelligent design theorists. You could start with Topeka, KS, Dover, PA, Dayton, TN, Tampa, FL, Sacramento, CA, Dallas, TX, Anchorage, AK, and Athens, GA. If those places seem less than exciting, just think of al the fun you could have surreptitiously looking around for people that might be dim enough to think that the Earth is only a few thousand years old!

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